Multi Zone focuses on building and managing global partnerships that enable us to realize our strategic objectives and deliver competetive differentiation for our client’s businesses.

Multi Zone is leveraging our history of working with multiple vendors and platforms to assess the marketplace and select best-in-class technologies for our clients and ourselves. But more importantly, Multi Zone is looking to the future and identifying the specific technologies and business partners that will competitively differentiate the Multi Zone portfolio.

“Strategic Alliances are a business, not an initiative; their success depends on a company’s ability to manage relationships like any other part of its core business”

Multi Zone's alliance relationships go far beyond the depth of its procurement relationships with vendors and suppliers. We consider our alliances highly valued business relationships that create synergistic value propositions.

Our Alliance is all about commitment to each other, to the quality of our offerings, and to providing our clients service excellence and value-adding services. It's also about working together for mutual success.

Strategic Alliances are broad, global relationships that have a fundamental impact on multiple areas of Multi Zone's business. They are driven by joint strategic and portfolio planning, research and development, and the creation of new markets and innovative new solutions.

By partnering with the most visible brands in technology today, Multi Zone and our Strategic Alliance partners yield unsurpassed insight into today's and tomorrow's business issues, along with the technologies to better address them.